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Blinn Studio, my professional activity is over now!
After some years as a freelance, with crazy schedules, a lot of nights without sleeping, the 2 days weekend you hope and finally you spend on your pc to do some change on projects, i'm done with this sickness.
from the next week to come, i stop my freelance activity. I can say that in the stores around me there will be a lower sales of coffee, coke and other stimulating products based on caffeine.
It was a great experience even if it was really tiring, physically and mentally.

From the next week i goes to the marketing and advertising department of the real estate promoter Pichet as multimédia graphist and mostly video editor on Premiere /After effect suit.
The good thing about that, this is the stopping of the pro 3D and could be the come back of the "fun 3D" for me, with learning Zbrush and other stuffs i haven't time to do, or don't want because i was too much on pro 3D, with any pleasure to do some personal things.
I need time for me and for my girl ofc, so i think you'll don't see me around for some weeks.
Hope to come back with interesting stuffs to show up.

thanks u all see you next time

J'arrête mon activité de freelance.
Après quelques années en tant qu'indépendant, des horaires de malade, des nuits blanches, des weekend que t'espère passer tranquille et que tu passes finalement devant le pc pour des retouches de projets...finito!
A partir de la semaine prochaine, je stoppe mon activité de freelance. Autant dire (et c'est pas faux du tout :D ) que les commerces aux alentours vont connaître une baisse significative des ventes de café, coca et autres excitants à base de caféine (ou même de théine).
Bref...C'était une bonne expérience, même si c'était vraiment fatiguant physiquement et mentalement, mais 2012 la j'en ai vraiment ras le bol.

A partir de la semaine prochaine donc, j'intègre le pôle marketing et communication du groupe immobilier Pichet. Pour être plus précis, en tant que graphiste multimédia et (surtout) monteur vidéo Premiere / After Effect. J'arrête complétement la 3D professionnelle, sauf peut-être pour faire quelques implémentations sur les montages mais bon...c'est optionnel.
Je quitte donc la MDA, et je prends un statut AE, nécessaire pour des concours que je continuerais à faire de temps en temps pour pas perdre la main.
Ça sera le moment pour moi de revenir à la 3D plaisir, que j'avais perdu de vue depuis un moment, et pouvoir apprendre (enfin) à utiliser Zbrush et d'autres soft que je n'avais pas le temps d'approfondir.
J'ai besoin de temps pour moi maintenant, pour ma femme biensur aussi, donc je pense que vous ne me verrez pas ici pendant un moment, besoin de vraiment respirer.
J'espère revenir un de ces 4 avec des trucs intéressants à montrer, de bons taffs perso que j'aurais plaisir à faire, ca me changera.

la show bizz à tous ;)
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I wish you all an happy new year!
i really hope the best is coming for you all in this started year, even if we all know that we'll all die in 2012's cataclysm :D
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Hey peeps, long time no see again, happy september, go back to school and to work woooooo!

I'm coming to introduce you a serious project i'm working on, Bordeaux3Drt.
I plan to create some parts of my city in 3D, to send it in a 3D engine and work on a kind of virtual tour in real time.
Bordeaux is a great city, with some awesome place to turn into 3D. It's been a while i have this idea in mind, and as i'm working on a new offer for my customers with 3D rt architectural visualisation, i would try to make an interesting demo of the 3D engine with a real virtual tour, not just a villa with some trees, too conventional, i want a real, a strong project.
Sound like gigantic, on my spare time of course, but if it work...if it work!! haha... I guess i've find a good middle-of-the-line product, between images set and precalculated animation.

I've an idea on the choice of the 3D engine, i'v seen one specialised in architectural visualisation, but i have to make some test before officialy annoucing it.

I'll post some pre-final images here, but i've create a specific blog for this project, to keep the whole steps and advancments, 'cause i thing this project will be run on months...and i'm sorry but it's in french in the text =D

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere :

See you soon for the first building, at modeling stage atm, the "Grand Théâtre", on "the Place de la Comédie".
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After one interesting week in London, for work and time off, (yeah on Trafalgare square for the wedding...english ppl are so crazy with beers and champagne at 9.30am... :o ), and some drinks here and then ofc, i'm back to home and i have to go again to work. For a certain time, i'm working for a big belgium real estate company, and it seems that they want to take all my may month.
Hoorra! i'm not complain of, be sure.

So, even if i've not too much time for internet stuffs, for the next weeks to come i have to build up my gallery, make a selection for futures uploads AND....a selection to clean my DA. I guess i'll remove all photos and make focus on only 3dworks, so if you have any suggestions, you've got 2 weeks before my "old DA killing spree" comeback.

Cheers all mate, take care :')
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hey peeps,

loooooong time no seee !
sorry for the delay, really. I don't want to speak around too much "blablabla" on my life, i just wanna say it's good to be back.
And, i'm not alone, i've some works with me i'll post here in the few days coming, after a trip in london. (have some rest yest :D )

Sooo, a lot of projects since last time, a lot of projets to come with the most important one for me : an interior cg simulation, I'm on it for weeks, and hope to post some shoots, and maybe some anim preview to have your feedback and test the impact of some sequence i'm working on.

Atm, always freelance for ppl who want to know, maybe moving out of Bordeaux, don't know really for now. I've put a lot of pressure on my wife when i became freelance, and now she's go back to school to switch job. If it works, it not impossible that they ask her to move, and if she moves, i move. My turn to make some concessions. And if I move, as a freelance it's not really a problem, if I stay as a free...not sure at all but it's another story.

Soooo friends, just remember for now i'm happy to see you all again :D

And again, happy birthday to my french friends :iconwen-jr: and :iconremigarciaphoto:

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:iconobabyplz: strmmpffphhh...that's all I want to say. this deserve a journal entry, didn't it ?

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Hi buddies,

:trophy::peace: PUBLICATION :peace::trophy:

A good news in the beginning of this year ( :D ), this is the publication this month, of Dead Bones Brook in the 3DCreative Magazine, issue #054, february (around 9-10th) !

This is my second publication in this magazine (first for an architectural view), and I'm happy to insert in a 3D transposition of a One Piece character :)
I just receive the PDF gallery page, it's clean, i'm just waiting now the complete magazine :)

See U soon for more,

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Hi Buddies,

From August...never heard before, don't know why. But ChaosGroup, Vray editor, (*our master*) have presented a public showing of the GPU render test, with a nex ChaosGroup process using CUDA. ( with a kind of external rendering process like maxwell).

The deal is simple : next graphic card generation will have their own processor (not a shipping product yet). The render process will depend on the graphic card and not on the main processor of your computer.

WTF ! with a great GC it's possible to move in your 3D file with a real time Vray render !! Of course the main extension for this kind of process, is a real time texture changing, depend on the lightning you use, and a light changing, depend on the feeling you have.
It's incredible to say that it's a kind of real-time post production directly managed by vray and your graphic card.…

And we see here, same thing with other render process, OCTANE, usins GPU render too. Just pick the object, and load a texture map, you see directly your change in real time render with radiosity...impressive, a real post production process directly on rendering...damn…


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Hi friends,

I'm opening a new account on DA for the fanarts works. Indeed I've decide to make a cycle on some anime characters, with beginning by One Piece.
Need to work my character modeling, and methods around that.

Here my new account : :iconop-sama:

if you want to follow my work on this, it will be a pleasure to have you around. :)


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Darkorbit is an online space browser game (no install).
You have to work your way up in your company and conquer new sectors in foreign galaxies!
You can use teamspeak or gsc to communicate with others, and enjoy the battle map mode with fighting against other peoples, or make invasion in enemy maps.
Upgrade your level, skill and equipment to be the best in action.

Darkorbit is free, but it's harder to have elite equipments, you can pay for that if you want.

For those of you who know a bit this game (27 millions peoples, maybe on of us is playing too :p ), I have two account on the run and one with not any time to take care of.

first FR1 Server:
LVL 15 (around 95M xp)
Goliath Full elite, 32 Lf3 lazers, 15 elite shields, 15 elite power units, 8 iris drones.
equipment :
cpuSL2 for 4 more extras
storage room extension
ammo extension
repair bot III
ammo CPU for automatic reload
turbo rockets
CPU jump1 (to jump on the base until x-4)

i've stop to play on this account before the galaxy gates, CPUSL2 6 more extras, and other cpu bomb or cpu shield.

No galaxy gates on this account.
alpha (22/34)
beta (14/48)
gamma (16/82)
delta (0/128)

Uridium : 10.000 (enough to change your compagny if you want)
credits : around 4M

I'm going to up this account to 20.000 uridium and 50M credits before let him in other hands.

If anyone is interested and want to do an offer... XD


for information, my other account on FR2 stays mine for the moment, but maybe in a near futur.... :)) (he is opened too in Scandinavia server with a semi full vengeance 4iris/4 flax, and global server, with a phoenix lol)
for details:
goliath Level 16 (around 310M xp, lvl 17 is coming slowly)
full elite 8 iris
all extras (cpu bomb, cpu shield, cpu ammo and more...)
around 300M credits and 200.000 uridium

galaxy gates :
alpha/beta/gamma/delta opened
6 alpha already done, 2 beta already done, gamma done soon.
one more alpha/beta/gamma ready to open :)

rank brigader general (1 star), 95.000 rank points
position : 450

no clan at this time, but old mine when i was leader was in top 10 (5th) on this server and best position i have in the past (before i stop to play is 135)'s a good account XD
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hey long time guys !

After a break in my work, professional and personal, i'm back after a great trip in NY ! the big apple enjoys me, in meetings, emotions and extra life ! a perfect way to take a good breathe and back with a kind of lion's uncontrollable hunger !
Rides conditions youthfulness, and open your eyes to another perspective of view.

Some pictures to illustrate this are coming along of course, and some 3D works after that, in da move ^^.

happy to land up and get back in shape.

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2009, 2:35 AM

After Making a poll on the next character modeling from the anime Soul Eater, clearly with 31%, the winner is Black Star.
It promise a good modeling session, thanks to the voters!
I saw interest on Soul and Blair the Witch (perverts :D ). Blair the witch is interesting to do a huge...pumpkin, of course. ^^

Question is, for BlackStar, evil sword or not ? Evil sword is actually just a katana (regardless of the ultime katana transformation). This "Yoto Mode" is interesting for tattoos and kage attacks. For last ones, a simple picture don't really give a great feeling imo.
So, maybe a simple variation for the Evil Sword Mode, but the main image will be with the Kusari-gama :

blackstar line by 3Dswed

for the short story, a Kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) on a metal chain (manriki) with a heavy iron weight at the end. Though the kusarigama is derived from a farmer's scythe, and though the sickle was often carried as a weapon by farmers during the feudal era of Japan.The art of handling the kusarigama is called Kusarigamajutsu.

Okay, let's close the wiki :D some of you knew it, my professional time was cut in two.
First side, my freelance work, as a 3dartist for architectural visualization, other side in charge of the communication of a Lease Back property holding, with 7 compagnies.
I announced to you that this last charge ending friday.
My Freelance work take me more time now, and is my priority.
So, after the BlackStar Modeling, there are lot of chances that my DA Account will be a bit...disused.
Priority is to create some new references pictures for a new commercial angle, and refloat my professional website. ^^

Do you remember the fresh prince of Bel-Air ? with Will Smith...
Last Saturday night, i've not met Will no...But, i saw DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz, the will's friend in the TVshow) who is an excellent performer, with MC mad Skills ! Scratchin' Pushin' Djiin'... If you have the opportunity to see him on stage and if you like hip hop/funk and mix session, go friends, go !

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Do You Work In Music ?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2009, 10:51 AM
Question is simple.
Are you listening music when you work on graphic art ?
Personaly, except in professionnal work after 3days without sleeping, i always listen music when i'm working.
Sometime, music inspires me a certain way of working, a kind of feeling of composition relative to the song i ear.
Sometime, i search a specific music to put me in the mood ^^

I'm a fan of metal music, but i'm really open to all kind of sound, and i'm searching new sound, new bands to enlarge my horizon, and follow me in my nosleep-night.


I've open a deezer account, to find more artist on it, more new brand music.…

my 2cents, most of you have an account on it I think. Would you share sounds with me ?

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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2009, 5:53 AM

Away from few days, because holidays (I deserve it truely :D ), i'm back and I see...more than 1000 messages, activity and comments.
Oh my god !
At first time, i've thought about a kind of spambot and my first think was "why me..."

Regard to my global activity on DA, the 1000+ messages wasn't a normal thing. And then, i've seen that DeviantArt give me a DailyDeviation on the creation "Hallway" !!!

Suggest by :iconkamizuki: :
"a beautiful calm 3D interior with gorgeous textures and lighting, which looks completely photoreal."

weeeeh !!

Such a pleasure to see that kind of comment which move up people to suggest a DD at DeviantArt staff, it's an honor.

I can't answering all comments, too many in one day (it's just crazy), but be sure that they all touch me, and I'm proud and happy that my work is so appreciate around the DA.


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2009, 6:04 AM


passed the 10.000pv !

i'm not often here at this time, and i'vn't do interesting upload for a while.
Lack of inspiration, lack of motivation.
Architecture is always on the run, but except that, i've not really the courage to begin other projects.
I'm little bored by 3D pictures indeed :d...

Overall, thanks to all people who watching me and support for around 1 year now :)

See you guys.


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Calatrava's Curves

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2009, 2:13 AM

Heyo !

I'm working on a Calatrava's project at this time, the hemispheric to be honest, called "the eye" :)
This is a part of the city of Art and Sciences, knowed as The "Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias" which stretches along a former river-bed in the south of Valencia, Spain.

The interior of the eye consists of an IMAX-Dome, really impressive for panoramics view, as a planetarium.

Over the past three decades, Santiago Calatrava has built more than 40 structures, ranging from bridges to train stations to museums, included the City of Art and Sciences.
Calatrava is an architect, but he is a structural engineer too.
His style derives from numerous studies he makes of the human body and the natural world, why the curves.
His engineer graduation allows him to realise studies of structural interactions and concept.
One of the best architect in the world at this moment for sure.

So, to illustrate this, i've made some search on DA, to find some photos of Calatrava's works. It's difficult i thing to take pictures from his structure (you need wide angle for sure), and conseqently, good curves pictures are hard to take, and hard to find :)
Here some results :

Milwaukee Calatrava 02 by saahbs :thumb72902679: :thumb57846394:
Plancton by Traspae Calatrava's Eye by Mareluna73 Turning_Torso by Anubis-noise
High Tech Railway Station by ValentinB Calatrava' by cyrus-inc Milwaukee Calatrava 01 by saahbs

you'll certainly find more information on Santiago Calatrava here :…

and of course on his professional site here :

annnd...don't hesitate to see some others works of this people, whitin whom i've fav this ones.
:iconsaahbs: :iconyh-neko: :icontraspae: :iconmareluna73: :iconanubis-noise: :iconvalentinb: :iconcyrus-inc:


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2009, 7:12 AM

Hi fellows DA,

I've found the DEL key on my keyboard today. Just a update with deleting some deviations which are not in my mindscape now.

Uptade of the journal form too, and of the Deviant mainpage to highlight more the last 3Dworks than the architecturals.

You'll find them in their directory as always, and other works i've finally keep in my gallery, in a special directory called OLD WORKS Ante2009.

A last news, i've been featured in the "Unknown" Deviants Issue #3 here :…

Thanks to :iconaloeverao: even if i don't know if it's really a compliement for me, 'cause this article featured only the less 10K viewed !i'm just....unknowed ? lol
ahah, i'm joking of course, thanks fellow.

See you soon guys.

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2009, 7:33 AM
Image Hosted by

Oué hein ? l'est pas mal celle la.

- Qu'est-ce que tu fais toi dans la vie ?
- je suis graphiste
- aaahh tu fais de la bd ?
- non ca c'est un illustrateur pour Bd, ou un bédéiste si tu préfères, moi...
- okééé...alors tu es dans la pub c'est ca ? trop coool...
- hmm non. ça c'est le boulot des graph de com, moi ça me concerne pas je suis...
- ....-_-'...heuuuu non plus, éventuellement si tu me laissais te repondre, je pourrais te dire que je suis dans l'architecture, et que je travaille à mon compte.
- tu viens pas de me dire que t'es graphiste ?
- si dans l'archi ! ...
- mais tu es architecte aussi ?? t'as quel age !!

une première petite pensée me traverse l'esprit...
Image Hosted by

- suis graphiste POUR les archis, enfin je sais pas ça me parait pourtant clair, ou alors c'est moi j'en sais rien...
- nan mais c'est pas hypeeeer évident comme truc de taff.
- truc de taff... (?)
- oui enfin ce que tu fais quoi, ça à l'air compliqué.

si quelqu'un veut bien m'extirper de la...

- oui ca doit surement être ça... et toi tu fais quoi si c'est pas indiscret ?
- je suis étudiante en fac de psy
- ah...tu es gréviste alors plutôt en fait en ce moment.

(ultime tentative d'humour)

- en meme temps je te signale que si je fais grève, si on fait grève, ce sont pour les gens comme vous aussi, les repercussions passent les barrières des catégories sociaux professionnelles.

comment te ne veut rien direImage Hosted by

- oui j'ai toujours souhaiter remercier les gens comme toi.
- vrai ? tu peux vas-y remercie moi.
- ouesh merci.
- bah putin, ça fait plaisir autant d'enthousiasme !
- en même temps écoute, je suis un peu loin de tout ca perso, même si je compatis, je suis a mon compte, alors comprends bien que mes intérêts actuellement sont ailleurs, et comme je dors un peu 3h par jours, j'ai pas trop suivi l'histoire des manifs... maintenant faire une grève pendant les vacances je trouve ça personnellement un peu con, mais en même temps c'est pas moi le patron et j'irais pas, donc...
- capitaliste !!
- oké, mdr alors tu sais quoi, la prochaine fois, vient avec une banderole avec écrit "je suis blonde et un peu bête, évitez de me parler ça rend stupide"
- ahah au moins tu te rends compte que tu es stupide !


QUELLE BELLE CHUTE ! au moins ça clôt bien la chose. J'aurais bien voulu lui sortir mon slogan de manif : " a bas! a bas! est un groupe suédois ! " (je vous laisse reflechir...) mais je pense qu'elle aurait eu du mal a comprendre.

Émilie si tu me lis, petite pensée pour toi, j'espère que tes copines de fac de psy sont pas toutes comme ça, parce que sinon j'évite d'aller consulter, c'est bientôt eux qui vont me payer pour que je vienne... ou sinon je fais le plein de munitions...

ce qui confirme plusieurs choses :

Mature Content

F You Stamp by rushpoint

The STAMP by pyromancy
Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeather

Fallait bien que je vous fasses partager ça, amis français en tout cas...
Ne vous laissez pas faire, assumez le fait que vous ayiez un cerveau, et que vous vous en servez !

Allé ! A+ les DAvores

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 19, 2009, 1:10 AM

First guys, happy new year to all of you.
I know i'm a bit late, but I was away from the internet sphere since a while.
all my wishes goes to you and i hope you'll can realise what you want in this new year to come.

I want to make yours one of the decision i've took earlier.
I've decide to work on other things than 3D, for my personal works of course.
3D is a pleasure for me, you know, but this is mostly my job and on my personal view now, i need a "tangible" feeling.
this not means that i want to do ceramics, but other things really.

Maybe a more intensive work on photography, maybe more on urban art.
I've maybe not the good materials for this, but i've some freetime and the will power :D

Anyway, 3D is always a part of me, (no i'm not in wireframe :D ), and 3D stay the only way i see my creation at's my first approach of a work, and idea.
So 3D will be always present in my personal works, but maybe now at a lower level.

I'm sorry for people who watch me only for the 3D part, if you want to diswatch, i'll understand.
For other, i hope to come with new works soon, don't know when at this time. :)

One last things, for people who loves "pregressive" rock metal, i'll invite you to listen this band : One Way Mirror
Yes this is advertising :D
They are friends of mine, just finish a european tour, and maybe it will be in your taste ^^

One Way Mirror is musical project which bring some bands members together (lyzanxia, soilwork, scarve, mnemic), just listen and enjoy :)

Feel free to comment ;)

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2008, 2:35 AM

Hello here ! it's been a while friends ! but this is the financial crisis damn ! My work in the real estate company is now hardier and i'm under pressure day after day.
New communication vectors, advertising campain... try to have a good chance to make profit.

No real news, except the 23th CG challenge with a particularity :
The CGstaff ask this time to create a myths and legends picture, with the aesthethic steampunk style.

To know what is steampunk : simple. This is a subgenre of SF in early 1900s.
Just imagine huge machineries, in victorian style, with lot of engines, no electronic or computing, just the true power of steel development.
(some refs like steamboy, wild wide west, utopian flying machines etc...)

Just to say actualy, i've an entry (ahah)! 2 challenges passed away since my latest (EON, with honourable mention, thank you :D ) and it's sooo good to work on other things than advertising of architecture.
A kind of cerebral ease up.

And this kind of challenge is always a pleasure with finding again familiar faces as Laurent Antoine Lemog, Andrei Szasz, Sabrina Bott, Dimitri Liatsos and more more more others...
I invite you to find them entries, promise to be great !

So if you want to follow my challenge (it will be a delight for me, sure) : HERE FRIENDS

A L W A Y S   I N   C L U B : :icon3dmodeling:

And just for fun :
Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast

Mature Content

F You Stamp by rushpoint

And just for friends :

Bye all, and thanks to follow :)

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